Design duo based in New York and Paris, Miriam Josi and Stella Lee Prowse.

In the urban environment, the commercial food system has created a disconnect between the consumer, the culture of cooking and the understanding of where food comes from.

Our goal is to celebrate the culture of food and home cooking with access to fresh herbs. 

The Nomad planter is designed to optimize the existing conditions in the home in order to grow herbs in environments with limitations of space, shifting sunlight and changing seasons.

Adaptability is key.

The design is adaptable to a variety of environments with limited space for plants. It can hang from a rope, sit on the coffee table, be transported to the window for more sunlight or you may choose to only plant one side and hang it on the wall to create a vertical garden.

We used reclaimed scrap sailcloth from Bronx boatyards. 

Nomad is made from scrap boat sails and boat covers. The materials are locally sourced from the post-production waste of sailmakers in the Bronx. 

The design is reduced to its essential structural elements creating an efficient manufacturing process that all takes place in New York City and is shipped flat-packed in a 12" x 15" envelope.


Planting Instructions

Place some pebbles in the bottom of your planter. It will help with the drainage and also act as a weight to assist you while planting. If you're planting both sides of your Nomad sprinkle some soil over the pebbles until the depth is appropriate for the size of your seedling. Place the seedling and fill the rest with soil until the sides are well balanced. The soil should be around 1/2 inch below the edge.

If you plan to hang your Nomad as a vertical garden follow the instructions above but only on one side. And if you don’t want to get your hands dirty you can place the pot that your plant already resides in into the pouch directly, hang it on the wall and your vertical garden is finished.


To water your Nomad take a glass half filled with tap water and pour it slowly close to the handle. Be careful not to over water!