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OREGANO (also called marjoram)

Origanum vulgare (perennial, low water need)

Oregano means “mountain joy” in Greek.


Soil: Oregano loves a well drained soil. Don't over water.

Tip for the Nomad: Plant oregano on the opposite side to a high water need plant like parsley and only water the parsley. The oregano will be happy with what is left over.

Sun: Oregano prefers as much sun and light as possible.

Harvest: Start harvesting when the plant is about 8 inches high. The flavor is richest just before the plant blooms. Cut leaves or young stems as needed.


  • A strong source of antioxidant.

  • A natural source of fiber and iron.

  • Oregano has anti-fungal properties.

  • Aids in soothing the stomach, good for reducing gas.


Mediterranean dishes