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Mentha longifolia (perennial, high water need)


Soil and water: rich, moist soil. Water frequently. 

Tip for the Nomad: Plant mint on opposite side to a low water need plant like oregano and only water the mint. The low water need plant will take what is left over from mint. 

Sun: preferably a cool, moist spot in partial shade but grows also in full sun. 

Harvest: snip leaves or sprigs as needed. To harvest in quantity, cut stems to within an inch or so above the ground. 


  • digestion: calming for an upset stomach
  • against nausea & headache
  • relieves respiratory disorders and coughs
  • natural stimulant against depression and fatigue
  • oral care, skin care and weight loss


Add chopped fresh leaves to lamb, rice, salads, cooked vegetables or yogurt dressings. 

Mint tea! (hot or iced)